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Cobra Ultralight to Light Spin Rods

The "Cobra Series" includes 12 different ultra-light through medium models which all feature genuine cobra snake skin inlays.  Many rods in the range feature Ultracast Technology a new and radical design exclusive to Messiah Custom Fishing Rods which engage two power points within the rod blank to both maximise casting distances and dramatically reduce friction causing line angles between guides.  We are proud of our quality and workmanship - all rods come with a 30 day replacement warranty.

 6"   1-2kg     1 piece      was  $350 

Featuring #4 running guides, a 10 guide train, Ultracast Technology, cobra skin inlay, and a wrist grip which puts the rods power point in front of the grip rather than in it. Unbelievably these rods weigh just 59 grams.

Designed for use with 1000 size reel and 1 kg fluoro or mono, the stripper guides position will still accommodate use with 0.06mm, 3kg braid.

Flicking #1, #2 or #3 celtas, up to 5g minnows and the like or dropping light baits for record/ANSA situations, rated to cast 1 to 5 grams.

Artistically crafted with chocolate over Australian Bronze, silver trim and alternating coloured tip section.  (6' WCS002)  

6'1"       1 piece
1 kg Cobra Series $499

This rod offers the angler Ultracast Technology and both a 2 inch two tone AAA cork foregrip, two tone cork butt section, and stainless steel silver butt plug to compliment the cork inlay graphite seat with silver hoods and silver trim ring.

Weighing 78g this rod retains all the benefits for IGFA 1kg line class use, a 10 guide train (plus no.6 tip with gold insert for leader knot transition) and is over-bound in chocolate over Australian bronze where applicable and finished with alternating chocolate and Australian Bronze over-bindings toward the tip section.  (WCS003) 

6'6"      1 piece
1-2 kg Cobra Series $499

Weighing 86g, designed to suit 1000 size spinning reels and 3lb straight through fluoro or mono, this rod will also accommodate braid to 3kg or less at 0.06mm and features  #4 running guides.

A cork inlay seat with silver hoods is complimented with a silver trim ring and a stainless steel butt plug to protect the rear grip.  The rod features Ultracast Technology.  The rod retains the 10 guide train and the no.6 tip with gold insert.

Rated to cast 2 to 6g it will cast all of the above described lures plus light vibes and crab lures and slightly heavier plastics and heads.  

The short but necessary butt section will relieve fatigue during long fights and keeps the strongest part of the blank as close to the front of foregrip as possible.  All rods designed with short foregrips allow the forefinger to be in contact with the blank at all times. This is a critically important design feature, allowing the transmission of the tiniest of vibrations to the angler.  (WCS004)

7'3"    2 piece
1-2 kg Cobra Series $499

This rod will provide the long range casting necessary to wary fish in challenging situations. Weighing 99g with a fast taper but forgiving action, the rod comprises a two tone cork, 2" inch hand rounded foregrip,  cork inlay seat and 3.25" two tone cork butt section with a stainless steel butt plug.

Incorporating Ultracast Technology, classic cobra skin inlay, an 11 guide train and no.6 tip for leader knot transition. Designed for use on 2000 and 2500 size reels (but will handle 1000 size).  Designed for 4lb fluoro and 3kg braid at 0.06mm.   Rated to handle 2 to 10g weights (1/24 to 1/12 heads), minnows, cranks weight related vibes, metals, and walk the dog type surface presentations.  (WCS005)


7'2"  two piece - forest green blank   
2-3 kg Cobra Series $499

Beautifully coloured forest green blank, this rod is 2 piece, measures 7' 2" and is rated at 2 to 3 kg though it could be pushed a fraction heavier if desired.

The rod has been designed and tested for reel sizes of 2000 to 2500 and with 3kg braid, mono and fluro to 0.18mm and will accommodate weights of 2 through 10 grams with ease. The rod weight is 4 oz.

The butt section is a split grip, aero seat design and features our signature cobra skins inlay, two tone cork foregrip,  two tone cork rear grip and finishes with a flared two tone cork butt section.  

The female section embraces two single thread inlay reinforcement binds in metallic green which also sits tastefully throughout the first 8 bindings, while the final two guides carry some gold trim for artistic merit.  

Bindings are chocolate over Australian bronze where applicable and feature 6 under bound and 4 over bound alternating color number 4 running guides through the transition of the 10 guide train.

A great all rounder it will throw heavier jigheads than our lighter rods and deploy plastics, minnows , cranks, vibes and metals to the listed weights and cope with high wind, high country trouting, with devils and pegrons while throwing to bream on the racks and rocks and general plastic fishing.  A great outfit for flathead, perch, bream, bass and others from inhospitable locations.  (WCS006)


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