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For a long time Messiah Custom Fishing Rod’s niche market has been high end custom rods.


However, in response to the many enquiries, Messiah Customs Rods is now offering a range of customised production rods which are competitively priced with the high end quality and state of the art componentry of personalised custom rods.


We are also proud to introduce to the discerning angler the Messiah Custom Rod’s Ultracast Technology (UT). Designed and developed in the harshness of the Tasmanian wilderness, UT utilizes both the traditional build, where power originates from the butt section, as well as the kinetic energy this creates at the highest (or fulcrum) point of the rods curve during the back-cast. Add to this a very unique guide train that dramatically reduces friction "hot spots" by greatly minimising line angles between guides. Make no mistake, these rods cast a country mile!


All  our rods have been designed from scratch using casting and stress testing with reel sizes and line classes relevant to individual rods.  Knowing the size of the reel the rod was designed for is critically important for maximum performance.


Buying an Australian made rod also creates jobs in our country and helps stimulate our economy.


Our extensive range of purpose built rods all come with a 30 day replacement warranty,  ie.  if you accidentally break the rod, return it to us and we will replace it.

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