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For hundreds of satisfied clients who have caught the fish of a lifetime Greg “Reidy” Reid needs no introduction. Founding guide, tackle junkie, and owner of Bay & Basin Sportfishing Jervis Bay, Reidy has appeared on most mainstream fishing shows including Ifish, Fishing Australia, Escape with ET, Fishing addiction and many more. Reidy is also an accomplished commercial skipper and has fished some of the remotest parts of the Australian continent and Indonesia. All that said it was a serious obsession with light tackle lure fishing that connected him to Messiah Custom Fishing Rods and in his words "It has had a profoundly positive influence on my whole approach to the way I present a light tackle lure, and after 30 seasons of luring given me more stoke than ever before! The “SlingshotZ range delivers increased capability in spades through increased casting distance in open water and powerful shock absorption on light leaders to extract fish in tight structure."


Greg “Reidy” Reid 

Bay & Basin Sportfishing Jervis Bay


Mad keen fisherman, lover of the great outdoors, finesse fishing fanatic, and aspiring fishing journalist, and guide, are just some of the ways to describe Brendon Spicer.

Resident of the beautiful Snowy Mountains region on top of Australia in southern NSW. Growing up in the Lake Macquarie area of the central coast of NSW, he cut his teeth fishing for Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Tailor, Bass, Trout and anything that swam in his local waterways. Having a father that was actively engauged in light tackle spinning, his interest, and passion grew year by year as locations became more remote, the fish got bigger, and his desire to enhance, and refine his approach grew. It was this desire to enhance, and refine tackle, and technique, a love of sharing experiences, and information through his growing Facebook page, 'Fishing Snowy Mountains', that ultimately lead to being contacted by Greg 'Reidy' Reid, and told about Messiah Custom Rods.

"Since using the 9'6 Messiah Slingshotz Custom Rod, it has opened up a whole new dimension to my fishing!" "It has increased my catch rates 2 fold, dramatically increased light lure casting distance, given me angles to work with when fighting a fish that I've never had before, has reduced line, and leader weights that can be used in total confidence, and has shock absorption like no other rod I have ever used." 
"It's the best fishing investment I've ever made!"   


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