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Cobra Light to Medium Spin Rods

Our first public release, the "Cobra Series",  includes 12 different ultra-light through medium models which all feature genuine cobra snake skin inlays.  Many rods in the range feature Ultracast Technology a new and radical design exclusive to Messiah Custom Fishing Rods which engage two power points within the rod blank to both maximise casting distances and dramatically reduce friction causing line angles between guides.

7'2" one piece  
2kg to 4kg Cobra Series $499

Rated 1.5 to 4kg, built to handle lures and weights in the 2 to 10 gram range, designed for 2000 size spinning reels, though will happily accommodate smaller reels, accommodates both braid to around 0.06 and mono/fluoro in the 3 to 6 pound range to 0.18. Rod weight is 115 grams.

The rods are of split grip design and the fore-grip of 1.75 inches allowing access of the forefinger to the blank with a grip between the little and ring finger offering excellent control and sensitivity.

The rods feature 7 underbound and 4 overbound guides within the 11 guide train and both track to number 4 running guides and a number 6 tip for leaders knot transition. 

(WCS007)  First rod in photos with gold holographic binding (WCS007)

(WCS008)  Second rod in photo with chocolate and gold binding (WCS008)

7'6"   one piece    
2kg to 4kg Cobra Series $499

The rod is rated at 2 to 4 kg and weighs 132g/4.6 oz.   Appropriate lure weights are 3 to 11 grams.

The rod has been designed for use on a 2500 size reel and 6 pound mono/fluoro usage but will handle and cast braid to 8 pound long distances with its conventional design.

9 guide train reducing to number 4 running guides and number 6 tip for leader knot transition. 

This stick will no doubt be popular with plastics on heads in the 1/8 to 1/6 range and is a lizard and school jew special. While it will carry a little extra weight its versatility will still belt heads around 1/16 to 1/12 mark.  It will also prove to be an effective stick for heavier lures for jacks and trevally for example and work small poppers nicely.  It will also serve as a fantastic bait stick on most species where a 2500 size reel is used within the given line class or to go heavier whilst maintaining the relative drag settings for the rod.  This is not a finesse stick !   (WCS009)

6'6" one piece
3kg  Cobra Series $499

The tip diameter is fine and particularity sensitive, reflecting the high modulus count within this rod. The rod is firm without being rigid and weighs 100g.

Two tone quality cork grips, stainless butt plug, quality eva flare creates a seamless transition. 8 guide train and oversize number 6 tip for easy leader knot transition ahead of the number 4 running guides.

2000 or 2500 size reel, casts 5 to 15gms, easily accommodates 3kg mono/fluro without line slap and braid of 3 to 4kg. 


6'6"   1 piece
3kg to 6kg  Cobra Series $499

Weighing 120g/4.2oz this is a fast actioned rod is especially for those whom are tough on their gear.  The overall butt section length of 35cm allows flawless application for double handed users.

Split grip cobra skin inlay, Aero seat rear grip and  two toned fore grip which allows direct access of the forefinger onto the blank. 

The blank is bound in chocolate over Australian bronze, and exhibits 5 under bound and 3 alternating colored over bound guides within the 8 guide train. Tip size is number six as are the running guides.  Built for use on 2500 size reels the rod has been developed for 3  to 6 kg mono/fluoro ,while braid in the 3 to 10 kg range will cast excellent distance and offer unrivaled feel to the angler. 

The rod's "smooth" feel will handle plastics particularly well in the 1/12oz through 1/4oz range.  It will cast vibes a mile and will transmit vibration nicely on all but the lightest and most passive lures.  It will also belt out metals in fresh or salt applications good distance weather chasing Port Phillip salmon and silvers or Great Lake browns in uncomfortable conditions.  For  those wanting some distance around the racks in a stick of this length, this will be a muscle stick.   (WCS011)

7'3"   1 piece
3kg to 5kg  Cobra Series $499

Its rating comes from some serious power down low, yet the tight tip section retains the sensitivity of a lighter rod.

Designed to fit and balance out a 2500 size reel, the stripper is well placed to deal with 4 to 6 kg mono or braided lines to 8lb and is ideally suited to toss weights of 3 to 11 grams.

Weighing in at 116g/4.1 oz the rod retains lightness to the touch for a blank of this length and combines a 9 guide train decreasing to number four running guides and a number 6 tip for easy leader knot transition. There are 5 under bound and four overbound guides leading to the tip section to decrease weight and increase tip section versatility. 

This high modulus blank will pick up every pulse from light vibes and every pick from a falling crab.  Built and designed to cast hard and far, this stick will also be ideally suited to land based as well as boat fisho's looking for extra distance when approaching skittish fish.   (WCS012)


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